The best features on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

Apple's iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro both uniquely feature a new U1 chip, but some users aren't happy about it. To appease them, and to comply with new regulations in some countries, Apple is now offering iPhone 11 owners the opportunity to disable the chip. The U1 is a new chip by Apple that allows its latest iPhone models or any U1-equipped device to detect its exact position relative to other devices in the same room.

Each chip has specialised tasks it handles, helping Apple's devices to work more efficiently and integrate better. Pocket-lint has an explainer on the U1 chip here, but, in a nutshell: It uses technology, called Ultra Wideband UWB , to determine location and spatial awareness. Some users have complained about how the U1-equipped iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro can track location data even when the location services are turned off. Apple has now rolled out the iOS Note: By turning the U1 chip off, your iPhone can no longer use location services to improve your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

The 5. There are curious omissions though, most irritating of which is the lack of a USB-C port. It would mean having to carry just one cable to charge all our devices.

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The next omission is 3D touch. Force pressing the camera and flashlight shortcuts on the lock screen transported you directly into the app with one relatively forceful click. But all this adds up to a display you can easily view indoors and out, and dynamically adjusts to deliver the brightest highlights and inkiest blacks. Colors appear vivid but accurate, giving it a slight leg up on the impressive Galaxy Note 10 , which in my eyes looks a bit over-saturated.

The AnTuTu score is the highest we have ever recorded on a smartphone, beating out phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus by almost , The only other phone to come close is the iPhone 11 — see what I mean about Apple competing with itself?

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Check out our iOS 13 in-depth impressions to get the full rundown, but as far as the iPhone 11 Pro goes, the operating system is as smooth as ever. Another new feature has been announced but unfortunately is not yet live called Deep Fusion. Apple now has its bases covered to regain photographic dominance, and I can say confidently that this triple megapixel dream team is the best camera system out right now. Is it perfect? With the iPhone 11 Pro, those instances are far less common. Improved Smart HDR applies exposure adjustments to certain sections of a photo it recognizes the sky, some flowers, etc.

Apple tries to prove iPhone 11 Pro's battery life in a very weird way

Altogether, the iPhone 11 Pro produces the best day-time shots you can get on a smartphone. This automatic feature enables itself when the iPhone recognizes a scene dark enough to warrant it. With Night mode turned off on the Pro and compared to the iPhone XS, the results are a slightly brighter and better-looking picture. You can tweak the aggressiveness of Night mode by setting the exposure time to max, auto, or off, but this can only be tweaked within the parameters the iPhone deems fit.

In much darker scenes, you can go for up to a second or more exposure time, while the auto may opt for two or three. Most shots taken in the auto mode seem to fall in the one to two-second range. Adding some foreground to this equation does tend to make the skies look artificially blue and gray, though.

This feels different

This could set the standard for starry night photography for the next year as Night Sight did for low-light photography last year. It brings more balanced light to the whole scene, while intentionally highlighting certain areas of the shot and keeping already bright highlights in check, making it look more natural and aesthetically pleasing.

It also preserves the elongation that makes ultra-wide photos so fun to shoot, striking a balance that inspires constant use of this camera. A solid consistency between all three cameras telephoto, wide-angle, and ultra-wide-angle also helps to make switching less about the quality of the photo you want to take, and more about the style.

Aside from this, my only other gripe is that the lens has a fixed focus, which only focuses properly when the subject is at least a meter away.

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  8. Most ultra-wide cameras on smartphones have this constraint, but it would have been nice for Apple to make its late debut a little more meaningful with a variable focus. On photos like the one of the car, I was forced to either take a step back or use the main lens, when all I wanted to do was get up close and elongate the car for a unique look. Unfortunately, that meant getting a shot with only a very small portion of the car barely in focus and the rest blurring up.

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    The iPhone 11 Pro takes better portraits than ever before, accurately blurring out the background of a subject, while making it look natural like from a DSLR. One new addition is how you can now take Portrait mode photos with the main lens rather than being forced to rely on the telephoto lens. With an upgraded front-facing camera, the new megapixel sensor ups the sensor size from 7 megapixels, but portrait selfies are set to snap at a cropped 7-megapixel size.

    And the new Slofie slow-motion selfie feature is totally fun.

    Apple iPhone 11

    Speaking of slick videos, the iPhone 11 Pro certainly makes you feel like a film pro when you look at the videos you can film on this device. Yes, even with relatively heavy usage, you can often find yourself with enough juice to get through the night and charge when you get to work.

    Lighter users will easily be able to use the battery for longer on the second day. Our standard screen-on test puts the phone at maximum brightness and plays a p video on Wi-Fi, where the iPhone 11 Pro scored 12 hours on the dot, with the Max clocking a little more than 10 and a half hours. Finally, we have an watt charger in the box. Though charging speeds are much improved over the puny 5-watt chargers that took around three hours to charge the XS from zero to , it still took about 2 hours to fully charge the iPhone 11 Pro.

    This falls behind most fast-charging Android flagships that are closer to 90 minutes or less.