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There seems to be an issue with PiP mode as well. Based on reports, users who switch to Picture-in-Picture mode on YouTube, VLC, or other supported apps and then try to open Recent apps experienced crashes or black screens. It seems that this is, to this day, not fully addressed. Besides that and worth mentioning, it seems that the XS screen setting makes for quite a convoluted mess.

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The problem makes overall experience bad as even the most regular transitions on the home screens or opening recent apps is slow. There are some things that you can do to mitigate this to some extent. An example being lowering the animation scale in Developer options. Not much, as only the developer can resolve the problem fully. Another quite a catastrophic issue for those affected. This especially appears to be the case when users minimize the app and try to get back to it from the Recent screen.

This is, again, hard to tackle with any troubleshooting step or workaround except with the factory reset. So, back up your data and reset the device to factory settings. Alternatively, you can downgrade to MIUI Some users said that the wireless speeds dropped significantly, others that they are unable to utilize mobile data and it even seems that VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling, for some is missing. Also, due to a lack of notification LEDs on contemporary devices, Xiaomi implemented pulsating notifications when the screen is off.

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They are also hit or miss since the brightness is too low for them to be of any use in light conditions. Again, these are issues on the developer side.

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Update your device and hope that the next MIUI 11 iteration will address the problem. The community is quite vocal about these shortcomings so we can expect results soon enough. And again, it saddens us but the factory reset is your best bet to resolve this. Camera software seems to be one of the gravest problems on Xiaomi devices packed with capable lenses made by Sony or Samsung.

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It seems that some nifty additions to the Camera app were not enough to overlook stutters and overall general slow processing speeds, oversaturation, or preposterous audio recording quality. Some of these are yet to be addressed by Xiaomi while others are minor bugs that should be gone before the official Android based MIUI 11 hits the majority of supported devices.

For the time being, try clearing the camera cache. However, some users experienced issues with third-party apps working in the background while the Turbo Mode was on.

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If you are having issues with the Game Turbo mode, we recommend adding affected apps to Memory exceptions and disabling Performance optimization. That should resolve the problem until they tweak the Game Turbo in the upcoming patches. Follow these steps to disable Performance optimization and add affected apps to the Memory exceptions list:. GPS on Android handsets has such a widespread use these days that many third-party apps depend on it. Luckily, on Android 10, you can limit access to Location Services. Especially with Google Maps that barely work for some users.

Some users stated that they are unable to download and install Netflix via the Play Store for some reason.

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Netflix, like some other streaming services, uses various levels of Widevine DRM to limit the streaming quality to p or p on certain devices. The best way to address this is to update your firmware. That should resolve the problem completely. On the other hand, they are certainly an innovation in the evergrowing market.

Now, it seems that the already lackluster precision and speeds become even worse after an update to MIUI Google Pay, like the aforementioned Netflix app, has certain security requirements in order to work. First of all, make sure to use the HCE wallet option.

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With that said, we can at least for the time being , conclude this article. Thank you for reading and make sure to add more MIUI 11 bugs or issues we forgot to mention in the comments section below. If you just learned something new about your phone, and want more of that, subscribe to our newsletter. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Mobile Internist. Home Android. Fix: Android phone not recognized on Windows How to make Google Assistant read aloud web articles.

Fix: Bluetooth calls not working on Android People can also use PanSpy to find their phone that they've lost by accident or to find someone if they are in danger. Here we have some good ideas for helping your track the Redmi device conveniently. Keep reading to know more about how they work! PanSpy , a comprehensive phone monitoring app, supports to track every Android devices which run above 5.

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Users can monitor every operations on target Android device, such as check out the sent and received messages, view the current operations on multiple social apps, browse the website history, etc It also contains lots of special functions like lock target phone in a period, get alarm when target device left the 'safety' zone you defined, forbid 'mean' words to search Then you will receive an email with a confirmation link, click the link to active your account. Go back to PanSpy page and login with your account. If you want to know more difference between Premium edition and Ultimate edition, please click here.

After you subscribed PanSpy successfully, please download PanSpy on your target Redmi Phone by following the download link. Then login with your account and follow the instructions to make settings. Go back to PanSpy Control Panel on your computer. Select ' Locations ' option and track the current location of your Redmi phone.

You can view the previous location history if you want.