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It does some things differently to stock Android — such as having no app drawer and an app switcher accessible by swiping up from the bottom of the display — but nothing is completely out of the ordinary. The notification pane has been altered in Flyme, with a decent visual style, large notification previews, and a handy section of easily-accessible quick toggles. Flyme includes a couple of handy applications, firstly the Toolbox, which includes things like a flashlight, compass, mirror, ruler and more.

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Huawei is particularly bad at this. Like the Toolbox and many of the apps included with Flyme, the Security app is well designed and includes neat animations throughout. Software The software Meizu includes with the m3 Note is an unfortunately outdated version of Android, loaded with a custom skin they call Flyme.

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The handset offers 16 or 32GB of internal storage and a microSD slot to add up to another gigs. Compared to the iPhone 7 Plus, the M3 Note's aluminum body is slightly shorter and just a bit thicker. The huge 4, mAh battery offers twice the life the iPhone. You'll get more than two days with normal use, even if you're pushing your phone hard. I like the shape more than other fat phones, mostly because it has a flat aluminum body with rounded corners. My only critique is the front lacks character.

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The 5. The screen offers good colors and deep blacks, but it isn't terribly bright outdoors. Below the screen sits one Samsung-style oval home button with a fingerprint sensor.

This is one of the peculiar features of this phone is that it doesn't offer capacitive keys on either side of the home button—since I'm coming from an iPhone, I love this part. For instance, while using the Galaxy S7 Edge, I kept wrongly pressing the back key or the multitasking keys while just using the phone with one hand. It was annoying hated it every single time.

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To go back in an app on the M3 Note, you just tap the home button. To exit the app, you give the home button a regular press. The multitasking window itself is accessible with a simple swipe from the bottom of an open app. That same gesture is how you access the multi-window feature; you pick two open apps to run simultaneously on the screen. Like every other Meizu smartphone, the M3 Note too comes with the company's Flyme skin that runs on top of the old Android 5. It's clean and smooth, and one of the most likable Android customizations I've seen, despite the older version of Google's OS.

You get the standard Android gestures—double-tap the screen to wake, slide upward to unlock, swipe down to see notifications—plus some more characteristic ones.


While listening to music, sliding horizontally skips to the next song or restarts the song you're playing. Drawing eight letters on the screen will activate one of your preferred apps. Just like any other phone, the Do Not Disturb mode can be scheduled or manually activated, but I also love the feature that lets you program times for the phone to automatically shutdown and reboot. It's good for casual photography, but I don't recommended you make it your primary shooter. In the middle of the back cover sits that big eye of the main camera.

The megapixel sensor can shoot decent pictures outdoors even in moderate light conditions, but can't operate at its best indoors and in low light. The focus is quick and accurate, though, and the shutter's response is very reactive.

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  • Software: Flyme & MIUI - The Meizu M3 Note vs. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review: Comparing Notes.

There are your standard filters and shooting modes, including a mode to capture real-life GIFs. Overall, the M3 Note is good for casual photography, but I don't recommended you make it your primary shooter.