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Somatic: This is Bathroom Cleaning Robot. ROBOpilot: The first robot to take off, fly and land an…. Neom: A futuristic city with cloud seeding, robots, AI surveillance, and…. What is a PIN? Redmi Note 7 is powerful — at least for this class. Inside we find Qualcomm Snapdragon , which is manufactured using the nm process technology and has eight Kryo cores at its disposal. Four cores operate with a maximum clock frequency of up to 2. Graphics processing is entrusted to Adreno In synthetic tests it has fairly good results.

It is worth recalling that the same chip is installed in Samsung Galaxy A9 , which is several times more expensive than Redmi Note 7. So I can call this solution more than optimal — we have the most productive Xiaomi Redmi ever released. RAM can be 3, 4 or 6 GB to choose from. My copy has a minimum — 3 GB.

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This, in general, is the very minimum for comfortable operation in and in terms of cost is quite adequate. But in general, if there is a possibility, I would recommend buying the version with 4 gigs.

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With the storage situation is simple: 32 or 64 GB. My copy, as you know, offers the minimal. Of these, What can you say about the performance of the smartphone? If you turn on navigation gestures instead of traditional navigation buttons, the animations for opening and minimizing applications sometimes slow down. If you use the three usual buttons, then there is no such problem — the system is fast and smooth. But with the games all is well. Redmi Note 7 will easily launch any game, but on what setting is another question.

In general, the high graphical parameters and an acceptable FPS indicator can be more or less guaranteed here. And casual games run without any questions. But not all games will be as smooth, if you set the most maximum graphics settings. The main focus of Redmi Note 7 is on photographic capabilities. But this, of course, is just not true. In fact, we have a 12 megapixel Samsung GM1 module, where through Samsung Tetra software processing small pixels get combined into one large 1.

I mean you can take pictures with this resolution. With poor lighting you can already see a slight superiority of 48 megapixel when it comes to smaller details. But why was it necessary to twist it like this? Why do we have to open the camera, swipe to the left to the manual mode, choose an increased resolution only to take photos?

If we omit all these purely subjective nuances, then I can say the following about the camera — the smartphone really shoots perfectly in its segment in almost any conditions. During the day photos are obtained with high enough detail and sharpness, with the right colors and a wide dynamic range. With insignificant decrease in the light, the loss of details and artefacts start to get noticeable. Nevertheless, even such pictures look decent. In this price segment, naturally. AI performs okay if it determines the right shooting scene.


Camera release and autofocus are fast. In addition, there is a portrait mode, which works well when shooting portraits, and worse, if you shoot other objects. In general, you can play with it and get a good results. Video capabilities are about mediocre. You can choose a codec: H. Bokeh mode is also here.

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Camera application is usual: manual and night modes, square shots, panorama, filters, etc. All you need to do to install is to find the appropriate ported version and install it on your smartphone as a regular APK file. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to experiment with different mods. It would be superfluous in the review, because of the constant updates.

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But I can show a couple of photos side by side:. Especially it concerns the number of details and dynamic range. So if you are considering Redmi Note 7 primarily for photos, this information may be useful.

The fingerprint scanner on the back is lightning fast in terms of the speed of unlocking, but sometimes it may not work the first time. However, this is solved simply — one finger can be inserted several times, capturing as much of the finger as possible. This minimizes the number of errors. Redmi Note 7 has face recognition implemented by a single front-facing camera. The response speed is not bad with the proper level of ambient lighting. With worse lighting process can slow down. One of the key features of the Redmi Note in recent generations starting from the third is good battery life.

Note 7 is no exception — the capacity of the non-removable battery is no measly mAh. The battery life depends directly on the intensity of use.