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Related article: The U. Documents show that the NSA has aided Turkey in its operations against Kurdish separatists, while at the same time identifying the Turkish leadership as a key surveillance target of its own. A memo describes analysts from 23 different agencies throughout the US government having access to metadata collected by the NSA and stored in a number of different databases.

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In , GCHQ started port scanning entire countries for vulnernble computer systems, targeting administrative as well as public facing services. An internal GCHQ policy document from June describes procedures for the use of covert mobile phones overseas that are not intended to be associated with the agency. Related articles: Cash, Weapons and Surveillance: the U. An NSA spreadsheet reveals that prominent Muslim-Americans — including lawyers, academics, civil rights activists and a political candidate — have had their emails surveilled, in most cases likely under the authority of the FISA court.

The names appear among email addresses listed as monitored between and An internal memo from provides evidence of anti-Muslim prejudice. A cache of intercepted conversations included in the documents disclosed by Edward Snowden shows that the communications content of targeted individuals authorised by warrant account for only one in ten records. The certification is one of three the FISA court provides annually; the others relate to counterproliferation and counterterrorism. A number of documents show that collaboration between German intelligence and the NSA is greater than the German government has admitted.

Recent documents from April show that the German side were actively looking to strengthen their relationship with the United States. Final Agenda: Herr Dietmar B. Another document shows that NSA has the ability to match the location of personal photographs taken outdoors with images from spy satellites. Source document: Identity Intelligence: Image is Everything.

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Related articles: N. Documents show that Microsoft actively working to enable surveillance access to its products, despite the privacy promises it makes to its customers. Most blatantly, while promising its Outlook. Language in several documents suggest that imits on the collection and processing of information are not part of the way NSA and its Five Eyes partners see their own role.

Documents reveal that shipments of Cisco computer network devices, such as routers and servers, are intercepted, redirected to a secret location, installed with beacon implants, repackaged with a factory seal and placed back into transit. US authorities have claimed that Chinese products are similarly compromised, warning against their use. The acquisition coincides with major Norwegian investment in signals intelligence and a partnership with NSA in the field of cryptanalysis. Source document: NSA intelligence relationship with Norway. An undated page GCHQ document shows that the agency compromised the communications of at least three German satellite companies Stellar, Cetel and IABG , their employees and customers, which include the German defence ministry, European aerospace firms and the diplomatic service of a northern European country.

An unpublished document from April reveals that the NSA has also compromised two Chinese mobile networks. Source document: Shotgiant. Further documents produced by the same author suggest that some aspects of hacker culture are embraced at the NSA. This arrangement is at least 30 years old. A draft report from the NSA Inspector General gives some clues as to the legal reasoning that underpinned these orders.

Sources describe US-Dutch sigint cooperation, including the sharing of Somali metadata, as routine and ongoing; given the US intelligence gap in Somalia, it is likely that Dutch data interception is also used to support US drone strikes in that country. GCHQ documents from and show that the agency was collecting still images from Yahoo webcam chats and saving them in bulk.

The images gathered included large amounts of sexually explicit material. Over the course of one six month period in , more than 1. False flag operations, victim blog posts and emails to family and friends are among the techniques recommended for use against companies and individuals.

Various documents show that metadata analysis and phone tracking — rather than human intelligence — are the primary means by which the targets of drone strikes are located. Techniques discussed include honey-traps, amending or deleting social media presences, discrediting block posts and denial of service attacks. Unnamed sources suggest this particular tasking may have been triggered by German opposition to the Iraq war.

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It is unclear whether the NSA monitored the personal communications of German Chancellors previously. A page CSEC presentation from May shows that the Canadian signals intelligence agency captured the details of wireless devices using a free airport wifi connection for a period of two weeks, then tracked those devices for a further week as they used other public wifi hotspots in Canada and the United States.

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By law, the agency is prohibited from targeting anyone within Canada without a warrant. What are we going to do? A GCHQ presentation from August shows that at that time the agency was able to monitor activity on popular social media sites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Blogger in real time, using a tool called Squeaky Dolphin. Separate GCHQ documents from show that the agency has exploited unencrypted data from Twitter to target specific users of the service. Numerous documents, most unpublished, show that since the US and UK signals intelligence agencies have targeted traffic from smartphone apps as an efficient alternative to compromising individual handsets.

The internal GCHQ wiki included a guide to what kinds of data could be extracted from the most popular smartphone apps, with Angry Birds used as a case study. A particular focus of cooperation for the two agencies was intercepting location traffic from Google maps. An unpublished document dated 21 December confirms that West Germany was targeted by the US between and The Dishfire system collects nearly million SMS records every day, which are then processed to extract contact, financial, travel and other information with an automated processing tool called Prefer. Several unpublished GCHQ memos shows that the agency uses the tool to access information about UK citizens it would otherwise have to make a formal request for under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

The radio signals transmitted by compromised machines can be picked up by a portable base station placed miles away. According to further unpublished documents, the NSA has set up two data centres in China — possibly through front companies — from which it engages in offensive operations. By the mids, the unit had gained access to targets in 89 countries.

It conducted operations worldwide in An internal NSA catalogue describes many of the hardware tools the agency was using to compromise systems in Other unpublished documents dating from to suggest that the UK monitored entire country-to-country satellite communications as well as senior EU, African and Israeli politicians. Source document: GSM classification guide. An internal NSA presentation shows that the cookies used by companies to track users and target advertising are also a source of information for the agency and its partners.

Related articles: Canada set up spy posts for U.

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Current Swedish contributions include information on civilian targets in the Baltic region, including the Russian energy industry. The NSA has had access to information intercepted from Swedish telecoms cables since Source document: Meeting notes April, A CSEC presentation shows how the Canadian signals intelligence agency finds a role for itself in analysing data drawn from a number of Five Eyes sources.

The agency, which has expanded dramatically over the past 20 years with little oversight, was authorised to begin a domestic internet metadata collection operation in , the extent of which remains unclear. AVID sought to match data acquired in this fashion with information from social networks in order to identify individuals.

Related articles: New Snowden docs show U. Two slides and an email indicate that Microsoft services including Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger and Passport may have been targets of the NSA project Muscular, which previous reports revealed to have infiltrated Google and Yahoo datacentres.

A NSA document, also distributed to officials in the US Department of Justice, Department of Commerce and the Drug Enforcement Administration proposes using records of online activity to discredit six specific individuals, none of whom were thought to be involved in terrorist activity. An unseen document states that the NSA sought to keep historic spying on The Netherlands — in addition to other European countries including Belgium, France, Germany and Norway — secret. The NSA feared that public knowledge of its activities would endanger ongoing Dutch cooperation with the agency, which was particularly intense during Dutch operations in Afghanistan between and The document does not disclose whether spying on The Netherlands continued after A published slide from the same presentation shows the distribution of networks targeted.

An unseen presentation describes Treasure Map, which uses internet routing data obtained via another tool called Packaged Goods, together with commercial and signals intelligence information, to provide a dynamic picture of the entire internet. Slides show how the tool reported collections of Afghan and Norwegian records between 10 December and 8 January The NSA, previously allowed only to retain details of landline numbers, was authorised to retain and analyse UK mobile phone and fax numbers, emails and IP addresses.

Documents show that call data from Source document: Norway — last 30 days. Source document: 3G: impact and update.

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Source document: Royal Concierge. A published slide shows that the GCHQ programme Quantam Insert targets networks by installing spyware on the computers of employees who visit fake LinkedIn pages. GCHQ is known to have targeted mobile network Belgacom and Mach, a company that supplies billing services to other international mobile providers. A second slide from the same presentation shows that, over a five-week period in summer , more than 2, intelligence reports were produced based on data obtained from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

In addition, an unpublished report from shows that GCHQ has worked with intelligence services in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and Sweden to develop technical capabilities and weaken domestic legal protections. Documents reveal that the SCS is tasked with intercepting cellular signals, wireless networks and satellite communication, and that the equipment for such interception is installed at US embassies, including the embassy in Berlin.

Source document : Special Collection Service. The memos also reveal that the GCHQ lobbied to keep the extended cooperation it had with telecommunications companies secret, as well as efforts to maintain sympathetic public relations people within the British government. Source document : Visit Precis: Bernard Barbier.

Senior officials in the US government provided the NSA with contact phone numbers of foreign political and military leaders, which were monitored for foreign intelligence information. A memo reveals that one official handed over contact numbers, which included those of 35 world leaders. An internal NSA memo outlines codenames of various interception tools and techniques used to spy on French diplomats, including at the French embassy in Washington. Source document : Close Access Sigads.

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A program named Olympia that mapped phone and computer communications of the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy was shared between the NSA and its Canadian counterpart agency. Appelbaum, A. Gibson, J. Goetz, V.