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Scroll down to Flip for Do Not Disturb and toggle it on. No problem. But there is a much simpler way. The G6 Play lets you take a screenshot by just pressing the screen with three fingers. Now whenever you want to take a screenshot, just tap and hold anywhere on the screen with three fingertips, all spread slightly apart.

The camera shutter will sound, and your screenshot will be taken. Thankfully there is a much quicker way of opening the camera app. All you have to do is hold the phone and flick your wrist twice, as if changing a lightbulb. But first you need to enable the feature.

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Now all you have to do is chop twice to turn on the torch — the action is a bit like a short, quick handshake, or fast little karate chops. Sometimes you want to do two things at once. Well now you can, using split screen mode. To open a second app, press and hold the recent apps button the square icon in the bottom-right of the screen. The app that was already open shrinks to occupy just the top half of the screen, while whichever new app you open will fill the bottom half.

You can turn the phone on its side to use split-screen mode in landscape orientation, too, to view the two apps side by side.

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The G6 Play is quite a sizeable phone, and if you find yourself stretching your fingers to reach the top of the display, there is a way to make it more manageable — shrink the size of the screen. Then any time you swipe from the middle of the screen to the bottom left or right corner, the screen will shrink to only take up that corner. It brings all the icons within easy reach, and makes the phone easier to use.

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You can open pretty much any app in this mode, and they too will only take up that corner of the screen. You can adjust the wallpaper too, and the font size to make it more legible. More advanced features can be found in the Moto app.

To view these options, open it and tap Features - Moto Display. New BT Plus.

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Our best connection in and out of the home. It was particularly hard to nail a good, sharp shot in a moving car, and as the sun went down and the Honky Tonk bars lit up, I did wish I had a slightly better camera that could capture the lights or streets without blowing out one or the other. I did manage to take some beautiful outdoor photos during the day. My indoor shots were far more hit or miss, especially in more dimly lit bars and concert halls.

Some not all fancier phones would have delivered crisper photos, faster and more reliably. But they wouldn't have been leagues better. At the end of the trip, I still have a camera roll full of fantastic memories. Hopefully Motorola will keep up with updates as the year proceeds.

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  • It has a bunch of gestures and other small, harmless little add-ons that you can enable if you like. The one-handed, screenless Android navigation is fun, too. It lets you swipe left on the fingerprint sensor for Back and swipe right on it for the Recent Apps menu. It saves a hair of screen space by hiding the on-screen button bar so why not give it a try? The Moto G6 won't survive a swim, but it can handle an accidental dunk, and it has a headphone jack, which is more than I can say about many Android phones that cost hundreds more.

    Plus, it's compatible with your current carrier or, if you want to make the leap to Google Fi , it can do that too. Seriously, this phone is right in the sweet spot. It's hard for me to recommend a cheaper, weaker device than this in good conscience. Incredibly affordable.

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    Headphone jack! One-handed gestures are fun, useful. Included MicroSD slot for added storage. Works unlocked with all U. Slow camera is the phone's Achilles' heel. Splashproof, but not waterproof. Puny 32GB storage. Glass design is fragile, prone to fingerprints.