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How to spy cheating spouse tracking apps on iphone gps tracking nokia unit blackberry bug tracking mobile spy free download text twist game for n Track all phone activity with SpyStealth monitoring application. Features Learn more. Now compatible with iOS 9. Use this layout strategy, both transponder pulse 44 and echo-pulse 42 all will to remain in waveguide 40 and do not propagate or be transmitted to adjacent ultrasonic transducer 48 very damply.

As a result, each transducer 48 will only receive the echo-pulse 42 of himself in fact. As by comparing associated echoes pulse 42 time determined echo time delay 50 from some or all of transducer 48 then for providing the complete tri-dimensional picture of fingerprint. Other parameters of this embodiment with in FIG shown in general sample in the parameter that describes similar. Such as, the surface reflection of each pixel and corium reflection.

Each PMUT can transmit and receive sound wave. When voltage being applied to hearth electrode and top electrode two ends, transducer membrane is vibrated, and produces sound wave around in medium. On the contrary, the sound wave of arrival produces motion in PMUT, generates electric signal. For the fingerprint sensor proposed, expect that little driving voltage is for portable set.

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Because the acoustic impedance between skin corium and epidermal area is little, the acoustic echo that therefore epidermal-dermal Interface debond is less than epidermis-Air Interface. In addition, use the phased array techniques of multiple transducers of parallel drive that SNR can also be enable to increase.

In this article, bonding chip 52 is used as connection and the anchor node anchor of transducer. CMOS wafer 54 arranges bonding chip Circuit for system is arranged in CMOS wafer Can by pipe plasma etching be generated waveguide to silicon MEMS wafer. Subsequently, realize manufacturing aftertreatment, fill in the waveguide to utilize PDMS or some other coupling materials.

For each MUT, there is the top electrode 60 be usually made up of metal. When transducer is CMUT, top electrode 60 and hearth electrode 62 are by the gaps of the gap of being filled by air or vacuum filling. By alternating voltage being applied to top electrode 60 and hearth electrode 66 two ends, PMUT membrane structure is driven to vibration, produces the ultrasound wave be transmitted in waveguide For reference, the direction shown in Fig.

This is because this is the direction during manufacture, and the direction of non-use period. The step 1 of manufacture process illustrates and comprises chamber 70 by the chamber SOI72 as basic structure. The type wafer can prefabricatedly from casting obtain.

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In this case, it is called as chamber SOI. Alternative method is that chamber is made as a part for construction process together with bonding chip. The shown assembly of the chamber SOI72 of step 1 is silicones oxide layer 74, and described silicones oxide layer 74 is between equipment silicone layer 76 and silicone substrate layer The step 3 of manufacture process comprise by usually use wet etching to lose to etch 78 piezoelectric layers 66 and open hearth electrode The step 4 of manufacture process comprise oxide deposition and in the edge of piezoelectric layer 66 by electric capacity reduction layer 80 patterning.

This step is only many one deck top electrode, described top electrode is made up of patterning materials. The step 5 of manufacture process comprises the aluminium thin film deposition of metal level 82, forms top electrode 60 and hearth electrode Importantly at this some place open tier, make this metal level be connected to hearth electrode, become a part for hearth electrode But in some cases, this structure also can adopt PMUT transducer.

Compared with the embodiment shown in Fig. But the top framework of these two kinds of equipment is similar structures. The same with the embodiment described before, as shown in Figure 6, design still comprises anchor node 52, top electrode 60 and hearth electrode But, vacuum filling gap or air-filled clefts 70 by top electrode 60 and hearth electrode 62 be separated. Shown in figure is the optoelectronic insulation layer 68 covering top electrode If alternating voltage is applied between top electrode and hearth electrode, then this insulation course 68 will again start to vibrate together with top electrode As in Fig.

Insulation sides 68 also will launch ultrasound wave together with top electrode As a result, these embodiments seem about the same, but they are different in the structure of MUT. Therefore, although these embodiments utilize diverse ways to achieve identical function. This can by such as pin, bonding chip between circuit chip and MEMS wafer, or the single-chip integration process that circuit and MEMS are on same nude film realizes.

In transmission mode, high-voltage drive 73 sends a series of pulses that can be delayed by control. Meanwhile, the switch 74 of each unit inside in array is turned off by circuit. Therefore, PMUT75 is activated and sends the pulse with delay, and this delay is determined by the phase delay being applied to the signal on top electrode. For method 1, do not need Wave beam forming, therefore, at every turn only 1 row such as, row j activated by high-voltage drive. Therefore, all PMUT on these row will be activated.

When the row received are chosen by circuit, the switch 75 among all unit in row j turns off. Therefore, the signal on PMUT will be exaggerated and be buffered device 76 and cushion, and directed to data processing unit 77 to provide fingerprint image.

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