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Login with your account and follow the instructions. Select ' Locations ' option and you can view the current location and previous spot of the OnePlus device. You can monitor other operations did on OnePlus device in real time as well.

Step 1: Swipe down from the very top of the screen to open quick settings menu, then click the Location icon. Step 2: Sign in your Google account, then you can use Google Location Services to retrace your steps and share your locations with friends and contacts in real time.

Kaios emulator for android

Hint : Not sure if your phone receives Galileo signals? We recommend downloading the GPSTest app to find out.

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Although some chips only track GPS or Glonass signals, more and more are including Galileo in the mix. You can quickly find out whether or not your smartphone is Galileo-compatible by visiting www.

4 ways your Android device is tracking you (and how to stop it)

When a device is equipped with a Galileo-enabled chip, the phone works with standard applications, such as Google Maps and other location-based services. With Galileo, the positioning information provided by smartphones is more accurate and reliable — particularly in urban environments where narrow streets and tall buildings can block satellite signals and limit the usefulness of many mobile services. Whether using your phone to find a new restaurant, get to a meeting on time, or navigate to a nearby parking garage, Galileo is working to provide you with the best possible location information.

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Some OnePlus Devices Are Downloading GPS Data Over Insecure Servers

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How to Install a Car Tracker DIY Simple Easy Steps

Is Galileo inside your phone? Forecasts are available at the worldwide, regional, and country levels.

Choose location settings (Android 9.0)

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