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Other new features are not gimmicks. Like the Pixel 3A, this phone can show augmented-reality walking directions in Google Maps, which lets you hold up your phone and see giant arrows telling you which direction to go as you stroll around. Transcription also happens locally, so it works in Airplane mode too. It basically adds a box that automatically displays closed captions like you see on TV alongside any audio coming from your phone.

The box is expandable and movable. Live Caption seems to give up every time I play a song. It usually just throws up a [MUSIC] label, but it does sometimes display a disjointed line or two of the lyrics. Except during Post Malone songs, when it has no clue what he's saying. Outside these exclusive features, the Pixel 4 comes loaded with Android 10 read our five favorite features , which has a few other interesting bits to it, like full-screen gesture navigation.

Pulling up from the bottom takes you to the homescreen, and stopping part-way brings up the multitasking menu—just like on an iPhone. This year, Google tacked on an additional lens—a telephoto—for some optical-zoom capabilities and merged it with the impressive digital zooming filters the company has developed. I shot several 8X zoom photos. Usually this level of zoom is a grainy mess, but Google softens the details enough that they often look acceptable, without many visible pixelated artifacts on them.

I liked being able to toggle brightness by tapping the camera screen, and Portrait mode seems to be a bit better than before at finding the edges of objects and picking the correct place to start blurring the background. It does still struggle with complex objects like frizzy hair. Go forth and be proud of your actual selfie! Night Sight mode works as well as ever. It lightens photos in dark rooms that would have been unusably dim and fuzzy just a year ago. You do have to stand still for a few seconds while the camera captures all the information it needs, but the resulting picture is worth it.

I have not been able to get far enough from the light pollution in my city to see actual stars, but the camera has an Astrophotography mode too. Google claims it can take detail-rich photos of the night sky, and I look forward to testing this the next time I'm in the wilderness. The phone is comfortable to hold, with few surprises. The back is matte glass, which is undoubtedly fragile buy a case , though it does enable wireless charging and repel fingerprints.

It also has pressure sensors so you can squeeze it to activate Google Assistant; you can turn this off in the settings if it annoys you. On the inside is a Snapdragon processor, 6 gigabytes of RAM, and 64 gigabytes of storage, expandable to And it does, which is a testament to Google and the Pixel teams working on both the hardware and the software. It's something that Apple does well, and something that Samsung is working on. But it especially shines on the Pixel, and when it comes to Android, not many other companies can do it. So much of the Pixel photography experience is twofold.

In that, yes, a lot of the AI and digital enhancements work, but you're also presented with a number of customizable settings. That's not changing at all with Pixel 4. The hardware is, though. For the first time in a Pixel phone, there are two lenses on the back. And no, it's not ultrawide. Yes, I'm serious.

The second lens is not ultrawide.

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Instead, Google opted for a megapixel main camera it's the same one as on the Pixel 3 and a megapixel telephoto lens. So it's kind of like the camera setup on the iPhone 8 Plus or X, and it performs well. It's a weird decision — especially at the price point, and in some instances, I found myself craving a wider shot. It's interesting how much of a stand Google is taking here: It's kind of at odds with other manufacturers, but, the processing and AI techniques put the phones in a category alongside the most recent iPhones.

Your older Google phone will get this previously Pixel 4 exclusive feature

It still lets you capture a photo on a wide stage with excellent detail. Portrait shots are enhanced, with better attention paid to hair, on both humans and furry friends. And details are emphasized better than ever, thanks to the telephoto. Between a lens with the two times optical zoom and the digital layer, you can take impressive shots.

I encourage you to check out our test photos embedded above. It's a good camera, but it doesn't appear to beat out other top performers in an overall category. It's a packed market and all the companies are improving. The dopest thing on the Pixel 4 is being able to capture stars, and it was timed perfectly with Bruce Springsteen's release of the "Western Stars" film.

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It gave me a great Instagram, but the fact that you can capture stars on a camera that's in a smartphone is nuts. Similar to when Google first shipped Night Sight, it picks up details your eyes can't see. Definitely play with this if you go for a Pixel. Live HDR is also a big deal, as the view you see when preparing to take a shot fully represents what outcome. It takes quite a bit of processing power, and Google deserves big props for this.

How to Make Any Android Phone Look Like A Pixel 4 XL (Demo Done On Galaxy Note 10+)

It's great to use and I hope this comes to other devices, but being able to see in real time what you'll get makes it easier to frame a shot and make customizations. After all, it's better to edit before the shot is set. There are sliders for both brightness and shadows, allowing you perfect the shot to the best of your ability. So yes, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL has a solid camera that performs quite well. You'll have to weigh how important this is to you. Pixel 4 has a 2,mAh battery inside and the 4 XL gets a 3,mAh battery inside. Both ship with an watt fast charger and support Qi wireless charging.

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These aren't the biggest batteries in any smartphone, but they perform well. And big hint, it's once again, thanks to the software and hardware integration. I got close to 18 hours from the 4 XL and 16 hours of the 4 — both starting the day around 6 a. I tend to do a lot of productivity, photo snapping, light gaming idle tycoons and plenty of calls. A nice touch is that it will estimate when the device will die in the top notification bar, which you can swipe down to see.

Killer gestures — and cameras

Currently, it's p. A lot of this stems from software and hardware improvements like Adaptive Battery, which intelligently lowers the consumption from apps and services that are in the background. Pixel isn't the first to do this, so it was a smart addition. The end result is longer battery life. Google's latest Pixels are great phones. The market is ultra-competitive and manufacturers have to work harder to innovate, and that's a good thing. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

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