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The elephant in the room this time is the lack of a 3. Nearly every major smartphone manufacturer has ditched the port at this point, with Samsung once being one of the only holdouts left. The company often even released commercials making fun of its competitors for coming up with poor excuses as to why they removed the headphone jack. The S Pen is once again getting an update this year. Along with a new unibody design that makes the stylus feel more solid, Samsung has also added a gyroscope and an accelerometer to the stylus.

Galaxy Note 10 review: Samsung managed to improve upon its best phone to date – BGR

While an obvious gimmick, I was surprised to discover the functionality actually works quite well, though app compatibility is limited. The other new S Pen feature is on the software side of things. Should you upgrade?

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Ultimately, whether the Note 10 is worth it for you comes down to how much you value a stylus in your smartphone, as well as what device you're currently using. How important is the S Pen to you?

If the answer is "I live for styluses," then this is the phone for you. Our phone reviews and this best phone list reflect that diversity. While we've seen more unlocked phones in the US recently, not all are available for every carrier. We have to take that into account when recommending phones, and we favor those that are completely unlocked or available on most if not all the four major carriers.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the ultimate big-screen phone for those who want a stylus

Our pick for best phone isn't just crowning the newest iPhone and calling it a day, though our list does have a lot of familiar names: Apple, Samsung, Google and LG, all in the top Newer companies in the US like Huawei and OnePlus make the list, too, though their limited availability is noted. Release date: March Weight: g Dimensions: The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is the best phone on our list, though the S20 is so similar and only slightly inferior that we've lumped them together here. That's a bigger jump than last year, owing mostly to the 5G capabilities, as the S20 can only connect to sub-6 5G, while the S20 Plus can do sub-6 and mmWave 5G.

The notches are both centralized like the Note 10, but they're much smaller this time around, and the S20 Plus only has a single lens.

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The result: more screen. That is, to put it lightly, a lot, and frequently got us through over a day without recharging.

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Keep in mind that battery life estimate will dip down if you set the refresh rate at Hz, use a ton of 5G connectivity or lend juice with Wireless PowerShare, so adapt accordingly if you're looking to keep your phone going longer. Camera: The S20 and S20 Plus have truly spectacular cameras.

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No, not their 12MP main shooters, which are fine - it's the 64MP telephoto that really shines. While it only has 3x optical zoom, it still manages to crop zoom in to a muddy 30x digital zoom - which means the interim intervals are still a good deal more impressive than the competition.

The 12MP ultra-wide performs adequately, while the 10MP front-facing camera works just fine. Another first-time bonus: 8K 24fps video from the rear camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: overloaded, but still the best Galaxy

Mini verdict: While the Samsung Galaxy S20 is impressive enough, it's the S20 Plus that we vouch for as the best phone right now, even if it's more expensive than expected. The combination of incredible cameras with top-tier specs and a great display makes it an unquestionable winner with more battery life than its smaller sibling. Current page: 1.

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