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Samsung to start mass production of foldable Infinity Flex display in the coming months. At the Samsung Developer Conference, the company revealed its new foldable display, teasing what its new foldable device will look like. Samsung: Our foldable phone will be a tablet that fits in your pocket.

World's first foldable phone? Royole's 7. The FlexPai is rough around the edges but could be the world's first commercially available foldable tablet-phone. A business laptop with 3 screens? A dual-screen device patent recently filed by Microsoft includes a third screen attached to the devices hinge that can display information in a variety of configurations. It's one of a family of foldable devices in development with the Chinese company, best known for budget televisions.

Microsoft: PowerShell's new 'secrets' tool preview is out. Windows 10 new design: Microsoft shows off new Start Menu and app icons.

Import contacts - Huawei P30 Pro - Android - Device Guides

Oracle: Programming language Java 14 is out with these 16 major feature improvements. By registering, you agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices outlined in the Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. You may unsubscribe at any time. By signing up, you agree to receive the selected newsletter s which you may unsubscribe from at any time. You also agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data collection and usage practices outlined in our Privacy Policy. Better late than never: Trackpad support is exactly what the iPad needed.

Apple will release a software update next week bringing official trackpad support to its iPad line. Tencent releases video conferencing tool for international markets.

Huawei P30 Pro camera experience: Stunning results that may be worth owning a banned phone

Chinese internet giant unveils an international version of its cloud-based conferencing app, Tencent Meeting, in more than markets including Singapore, India, and Japan, Singapore introduces contact tracing app to slow coronavirus spread. Government launches TraceTogether mobile app that taps Bluetooth signals to capture data of other participating devices in close proximity, enabling the encrypted information Why Apple is best positioned for a folding phone. While it will likely hold back until display technology improves, Apple could make folding phones compelling with the iPad's app arsenal.

Huawei P30 Pro

The smartphone still has a shapeshifting future. While the latest round of folding flip phones have done little to show the technology's promise, new designs show off its potential. Celebrity influencers on the wane: Most brands will choose micro-influencers in Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity, but the balance of power is changing away from celebrities. The company will instead use the funds to pay employees and make network investments. Remote support essentials: 4 steps you can take now to keep friends and family connected. If you're the tech expert in the family or in your neighborhood, how do you respond to a call for help when a personal visit isn't an option?

Take these four steps right now to ensure that We've now seen a few foldable phones hit the market, but that technology still has a ways to go for widespread adoption. Samsung teases foldable Infinity Flex display Samsung will make over one million units for its upcoming foldable phone in initial stock and it will be launched within the first half of , the firm's mobile boss says. Ed Bott. My Profile Log Out.

Join Discussion. Add Your Comment. This article on Pocket-lint explains it pretty well. The left side of the phone is buttonless, while the right side has a one-piece volume button with a power button below it. Along the top edge of the Huawei P30 Pro, you will find a microphone and an IR transmitter so that you can use the phone as a universal remote using the included Huawei Smart Remote app and your AV equipment.

Unlike the Huawei P20 that I reviewed last year, the P30 Pro does not come with a pre-installed screen protector which would have been a welcomed feature due to the curved edges. Or you can toggle Smart resolution which will automatically lower the resolution to save power.

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The phone was really nice, but the reason I ended up sending it back was the in-screen fingerprint reader. This phone is well made with a solid feel and premium look and feel. My bad. The next day I put the free case that shipped with the phone back on it. The Huawei P30 Pro has a unique camera setup. On top is the 20MP ultra wide angle lens with a 40MP SuperSpectrum camera below that, and a horizontally placed 8MP periscope telephoto lens at the bottom. The ToF camera helps with portrait mode pics.

The 5x zoom on this camera is pretty impressive. Check out the pics above which I took a couple of weeks ago during a vacation to Red River Gorge in Kentucky. A tripod is really needed if you plan to use the zoom feature. Some might say that the colors are a little too vibrant especially when you use it in HDR mode, but I think the pictures look great. You would think that as a flagship phone, that Huawei would have gone all out of the audio capabilities of this phone.

So you might be surprised that the P30 Pro does not have stereo speakers. It only has one downward firing speaker that is located on the bottom right edge. Is the lack of stereo and a traditional speaker grill for your phone a big problem? Nope, not really.

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Ok, maybe just a little bit when it comes to calls. But for calls, I do notice that even at maximum volume, that I sometimes wish the sound was louder.

2. Install a monitoring app to locate your Huawei P30/P30 Pro

You can also knock once and then draw an S to take a scrolling screenshot for really long pages. Just plug it in and it will let you choose if you want to mirror the phone display or use a full-screen user interface on the larger screen. The user interface in full-screen mode is easy to use just like Windows or MacOS and it reinforces my dream of one day using my phone as my one and only computer. During a typical day, I use my phone to make and receive calls shocker! For all those tasks, the P30 Pro performs wonderfully.

Speaking of charging, the P30 Pro supports reverse charging which allows you to use the phone as a wireless charger for another device that supports wireless charging. Just put the P30 Pro face down and it becomes a wireless charging pad. It has every feature I want in a flagship smartphone. It has a nice display, excellent fingerprint reader, wireless charging, great battery life, a fullscreen desktop mode when connected to a monitor, and an excellent camera.

I even like it better than my old Pixel 2 XL. Speaking of Pixels, I ordered the Pixel 4 XL last month and promptly returned it because it was such a disappointment. I even mentioned in my gadget diary post about the Pixel 4 XL that it made me want to switch to an iPhone, which I actually did for a couple of weeks.

So I returned it and ordered an iPhone 11 Pro. But in the time that it took for the iPhone 11 Pro to arrive, I already decided to return to the using the Huawei. Remember the old PC and Mac commercials? I have a different brand phone that has the in display fingerprint reader, as well as face unlock. I found myself turning on the phone and then trying to unlock it with the fingerprint sensor, having problems getting it to unlock.

How to Flashing Huawei firmware (Stock ROM) using Smartphone Flash Tool

Then it struck me and I tried an experiment.