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The chart also provides a visual representation of a display's color accuracy. The small squares across the boundaries of the triangle are the reference points for the various colors, while the small dots are the actual measurements. Ideally, each dot should be positioned on top of its respective square. The 'x: CIE31' and 'y: CIE31' values in the table below the chart indicate the position of each measurement on the chart. Delta E values of below 2 are ideal.

The Color accuracy chart gives an idea of how close a display's measured colors are to their referential values. The first line holds the measured actual colors, while the second line holds the reference target colors.

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The closer the actual colors are to the target ones, the better. The Grayscale accuracy chart shows whether a display has a correct white balance balance between red, green and blue across different levels of grey from dark to bright. The closer the Actual colors are to the Target ones, the better. Sample images. You will notice the Galaxy Note 10 Lite has a headphone jack, which will please a lot of users who have been lamenting the demise of wired headphones.

Samsung Galaxy S20

That aside, the phone only has one bottom-firing speaker, which is pretty meh-sounding. Higher is better. Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite. This will turn off all location tracking, so no apps will be able to access your location. You may also still get ads based on your IP address location.

Once again, the instructions will vary a little depending on your phone. Bear in mind that this will impact some services and apps, such as Maps and Find My iPhone, so it might be a step too far. You can put your iPhone into Lost Mode via iCloud. Do you want an S Pen Note 10? Do you care about a 90Hz screen OnePlus? Do you need a microSD card slot? How important is camera image quality? Do you want a headphone jack? But as stunning as the phone is, I have to say it's as delicate as it looks.

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A case fixes it, but my bare review unit, which I babied as much as possible, got scratched less than 24 hours after unboxing. The massive 6. The display is very bright, sharp, and vibrant, and the bezels around it are some of the thinnest on any phone.

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And I really like the center-aligned selfie camera cutout, versus a "hole punch" in the corner or a notch. I had doubts it would look better than a "teardrop" notch, like on the OnePlus 6T, but now I'm certain it does. The one thing that could have made the display even better would have been a 90Hz refresh rate like on the OnePlus 7 Pro or a Hz refresh rate like on the Razer Phone 2 for silky smooth scrolling. People will be upset about the death of the headphone jack, but I've been living without it on iPhones and Pixels and you know what?

Wireless earbuds and headphones are way more convenient and if you need a dongle, it's only a few bucks. In , the loss of the headphone jack isn't a big deal to me.

Galaxy Note 9: I lost my S Pen! Don't Ever Lose Yours By Using This Secret Tip.

It's not faster or more responsive, so if you feel the S10's fingerprint reader is slow, especially compared to the optical in-display sensor in the OnePlus 7 Pro, you're gonna be disappointed. Simple enough. But truthfully, the difference in image quality is so negligible it's mostly irrelevant. Not the sharpest that's still the Pixel 3 , not the most color accurate iPhone XS , and not with the most impressive optical zoom Huawei P30 Pro. But good, well-exposed photos respectable enough to share on your Insta or Twitter without editing.

The degree ultra-wide angle camera is the most fun to shoot with and opens up a ton of opportunities for creative shots. Many flagship phones now have three cameras, but they're not all created equal. The OnePlus 7 Pro's ultra-wide in particular has issues with chromatic aberration the color fringing around the edges of things , most noticeable in the tree branches.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite may come with location tracking for S-Pen

For whatever reason, on the Galaxy S10 phones, Samsung changed it so that Live Focus photos used the wide-angle lens. You definitely get more background blur and separation with the telephoto lens. There are some clear differences in color saturation and exposure in each of the shots below. For this set, I'd probably want to eat the sushi and sashimi from the Huawei P30 image. Even though it's the most saturated, that's kind of what you want from a food photo.

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The rest are bland, with the Pixel 3's the least tasty looking. Skin tones skew a little greener, but I like how the camera and software makes me look just a bit more peppy. The iPhone XS takes the most realistic selfie pores and all and the others aren't too shabby. The only one that looks terrible in my opinion is the Pixel 3 XL. It's so dark and gloomy. All of them are straight out of the cameras and haven't been edited at all.

Feel free to click on them to enlarge them to their original size. If you're wondering how the Note 10 cameras compare to other phones in conditions not covered here, I'm open to DMs on Twitter raywongy and Instagram sourlemons. I've had a lot of great discussions on smartphone photography and I'd love to continue to do so. While the regular cameras may not be dramatically different than the shooters on the Galaxy S10 phones, Samsung has dialed things up for video recording. My favorite new video recording feature is Live Focus Video. It's basically portrait mode for videos with backgrounds replaced with effects such as blur, big circle, color point, and glitch.

The video above shows the "big circle" Live Focus Video effect in action and the video below demonstrates the "glitch" effect.