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It's metal, with a solid slide action, clicks at each interval, and grippy diamond knurling. The bottom of the phone looks exactly like an iPhone—though an iPhone 6 this time, with nearly identical speaker holes, screws flanking the charging port, and microphone and headphone jack placement. One unique aspect of recent OnePlus phones is "dash charging," which duplicates the heat-generating power management circuitry in the power brick.

When using the included charger, the power management circuitry in the phone shuts off, letting the power brick take over.

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The power brick gets hot instead of the phone, which stops the phone processor from throttling—great when you use a charging device. It's a nice feature, but it's something you'll need official OnePlus accessories to do. All the important, unchangeable interfaces—like the recent apps, lock screen, notification panel, and settings—work the way you would expect in stock Android. You can have an onscreen navigation bar, including one with a backwards button order. You can set custom long-press and double-tap actions for the three hardware navigation buttons but not the software ones.

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You can customize the status bar, adding battery percentage, clock seconds, and a text network speed readout. You can also hide any status icon and change to a circle-style battery icon. You can even pick different vibration intensities and patterns for certain events. You can set reading mode to automatically trigger on certain apps, where switching or launching the app will smoothly fade from normal colors to reading mode colors on the fly.

There's also a "Gaming Do Not Disturb Mode" that can not only block pop-over notifications but can disable the hardware navigation buttons while in a game. This entire feature lives in the notification panel. You can start it from within a game by pulling down the notification panel and tapping on a quick settings button, and you can turn it off and reactivate your navigation buttons by tapping on the ongoing gaming notification that this spawns.

Disabling the navigation buttons kind of happens automatically for on-screen buttons they auto hide and are very hard to hit accidentally , but this is a great solution for the capacitive navigation buttons, which are very easy to accidentally trigger. Like the hardware, the custom software is streamlined and simple.

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You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content. Ron Amadeo. This year there's a dual-camera arrangement. The extra lens allows you to zoom in. On the bottom is a headphone jack woo! The SIM tray popped out. The older model would comfortably last all day for battery life, however I found myself getting better than a day and a half on a single charge with the OnePlus 5. The company says software optimisation in the new phone should mean 20 per cent longer battery life. The new OnePlus is also built around the latest Android 7.

OnePlus supplies its phones with its own charger featuring "dash charge", which can power the phone up to a full days charge in half an hour. Focusing a phone's marketing heavily on the camera can cause problems. The Google Pixel made that mistake, claiming it had produced the best camera ever on a smartphone, only to have its launch marred by software problems and lens flare. The dual camera technology, which has now been adopted in several phones, makes it on to the OnePlus 5. With the two lenses, the phone looks remarkably like the iPhone 7 Plus.

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T he dual camera sports a 16MP camera supported by a 20MP telephoto camera, producing what OnePlus says is the highest resolution dual-camera system on a smartphone. The company also says the camera will capture more than a third more light than the OnePlus 3T's camera while focusing 40 per cent faster. I'm not a huge camera buff and most of my test shots consisted of pictures of breakfast and brunch.

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It's a well designed version of the system, very light on extra software that can feel like overkill on other smartphones. It has also added three new off-screen gestures, allowing you to draw a shortcut pattern to jump quickly to programs like the camera, a secure storage box and a do not disturb mode for gaming, which shuts down unnecessary notifications while you are in a game. OnePlus's enhanced price tag may come as a disappointment to those who saw the OnePlus 3 and 3T as the true mid-range leaders, but the new device raises the bar in all the right ways. As the price of the top devices goes up, OnePlus still occupies the centre ground.

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If I had to pick a new Android handset today it would almost certainly be the OnePlus 5. The superior camera and performance improvements make for a strong upgrade on the 3T.

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Contract deals are available with O2. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Technology Intelligence. Design and build The OnePlus 5 comes with a 5. Performance OnePlus has always produced smooth-running phones but this devices is seriously fast. Battery life and dash charge Battery life is an area OnePlus has pressed itself to improve on and the latest model does not disappoint, even though the stated capacity of its battery is actually slightly smaller than the 3T.