Samsung's Galaxy A80 is mad phone design at its best, and it's coming in July

Samsung Galaxy A7 Samsung Galaxy A9. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. Samsung Galaxy A8 Samsung Galaxy A6. Samsung Galaxy A8 Star. Samsung Galaxy A9 However, this is the first Samsung phone to remove the Headphone jack. Samsung Galaxy A10 [13]. Samsung Galaxy A20e [14]. Samsung Galaxy A20 [15].

Samsung Galaxy A30 [13]. Samsung Galaxy A40 [17]. Samsung Galaxy A40s [18] sold internationally as the Galaxy M Samsung Galaxy A50 [13]. Samsung Galaxy A60 [18] sold internationally as the Galaxy M40 [19]. Samsung Galaxy A70 [20]. Samsung Galaxy A01 [22]. Samsung Galaxy A11 [23]. Samsung Galaxy A41 [24]. Samsung Galaxy A51 [25].

Samsung Galaxy A71 [25]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8. Main article: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9. Main article: Samsung Galaxy Tab A Main article: Samsung Tab A 7. Retrieved 1 July The Verge. With included adapter, I connected this phone with my old phone and transferred all my data and apps to new phone in less then 5 min.

I have to admit that this phone feels a little Only 13 left in stock - order soon. I took it out for the first This product fits my Galaxy S6 edge plus perfectly after I take the Otterbox Case off, which isn't a big deal. It seems to be made of great material. I took it out for the first time on a 5 mile run and it stayed in place the entire time. Just a suggestion get a playlist going or an audio book because with any armband it is a little difficult to change while in the middle of an exercise.

Great product and would definitely recommend it.

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I use a lot of machines at the gym with no good place to put my phone or when walking around the track it's nice to not have to hold onto it. Love the slot where I can put my gym key.

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This charger works great. The charging cord is made of that rope type material which will make it last. It is also pretty long and detachable from the charger head. The charger head look very nice and feels sturdy.

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Currently unavailable. See All Buying Options. Good for my '93 Acura and it fits my garmin as well as my phone. Bluetooth 5. In terms of a wired connection, headphones or speakers can also only be connected to the USB-C port, since there is no 3. Samsung's OneUI looks elegant and clean. In the Galaxy A80, it is based on the current Android 9.

At this point, Samsung has also created its own world of apps and many of them are preinstalled on the Galaxy A For example, there is Smart Things to control intelligent devices, and with the Fast Measurements app you can determine distances and sizes in your surroundings with the help of the ToF camera. We tried it, and the measurements are indeed fairly accurate. There are also third-party apps, such as the Microsoft Office suite and the Netflix app.

While some of them can be uninstalled, others can only be deactivated and continue to use up storage space. Overall, our test unit places in the middle of the field and subjectively does not feel slow either. In terms of LTE frequency bands, a large amount is supported, so that you can also take the Galaxy A80 with you on trips abroad. In our tests, the LTE reception is always good, and we mostly get at least half of the bars even indoors.

Indoors, locating is not possible. However outdoors, it is fairly accurate at four meters, and a sufficiently strong signal is also reached quickly. In order to prove its navigation prowess in practice, the Samsung Galaxy A80 has to go on a bike ride with us, together with the Garmin Edge professional navigation device. Already when crossing the bridge in one direction, the Galaxy A80 shows some inaccuracies, and overall its accuracy is also rather mediocre when it should record our route exactly.

Sometimes the recorded route is beside the road or looks like it runs through the buildings. While the Garmin navigation device is not perfect either, it is significantly more accurate. In our recent test, the LG G8S ThinQ has proven that accurate navigation is also quite possible in a smartphone of this price range. Samsung has developed the Telephone app in-house. It initially shows the dial pad, and you can access the last calls and contacts via menu items at the bottom edge of the screen. There is also a "Places" item, which shows restaurants and shopping options nearby when needed.

There is no classic earpiece for listening to phone calls in the Samsung Galaxy A80 anymore. In this way, the display can take up most of the space of the front. But when making a phone call, where does the sound of our conversation partner come from? It is simple: The display is also used for sound output. A piezoelectric module vibrates the screen, which transfers the vibration to your ear.

While this works, the sound quality is rather mediocre: The voice of our conversation partner sounds far away and has little presence, and at high volume a lot of the sound is also transmitted to the surroundings, so that anyone can listen in to the conversation.

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In addition, the microphone tends to record even lower volume voices with a significant booming. The sound reproduction via the built-in speaker in the hands-free mode is better and the voice of our conversation partner sounds clearer. However, the problems of the microphone also continue here. In the back of the Galaxy A80 is a triple camera module, consisting of two conventional cameras and one ToF camera.

The latter can measure the time that an infrared or laser beam takes to reach an object and back to the camera, and then calculate the distance. For this reason, it is called ToF, which means Time of Flight. While you cannot record images in the classic sense with this, it merely serves to improve the depth effects. As a result, this leads to an image size of only 12 megapixels. However optionally, you can also record real megapixel images. Under normal light conditions, the images appear very bright, so that in particularly bright areas you often cannot see any details anymore.

Here the iPhone XS Max , for example, chooses a better exposure. On the other hand, we really like the image sharpness of the main camera in the Galaxy A80, which reproduces many details. However, with high contrasts such as an overcast sky with the sunlight shining through, the Galaxy A80 has a hard time with image sharpness. In low-light conditions, the Galaxy A80 automatically decides for a good reproduction of the light source, but then loses brightness in the background.

Overall, the low-light performance of the Galaxy A80 is mediocre. The second lens in the back is a wide angle lens. A smooth change between the two lenses, meaning an optical zoom, is not possible, and you have to use either one or the other lens. Similarly, there is no optical image stabilizer either. Videos can be recorded in UHD, but there is also only a digital zoom and you have to choose the lens you want to use beforehand.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Smartphone Review – A winner with a rotating camera?

The exposure reacts quickly and almost without any steps to changing light conditions. Overall, you can record good videos with the Galaxy A If you swipe your finger upwards in the Photo app or press the button to switch to the front camera, the camera module moves upwards and then turns around. There are three fixed zoom levels and you can suddenly not use the integrated flash anymore.

We can only speculate why: Either it is configured to be too strong for selfies since it is usually used for objects that are further away, or the screen that lights up instead will simply lead to a better result.