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In addition to the standard processor CPU that allows performing calculations and operating system operation, such phones also have dedicated graphics systems GPU that allow for rendering 3D graphics in high resolution, texturing and processing large amounts of information. With the increase in computing power, the ingenuity of manufacturers has increased to expand the range of applications for telephones.


The addition of such sensors like accelerometer , a compass or a GPS receiver allowed to use of these devices as an efficient navigating device. Currently, phones like Huawei P30 Pro are driving out of the martek dedicated devices for navigation due to the fact that maps and supporting software in these phones work in real time. Moreover - the update of maps and software is performed automatically and on-line.

The navigation user is also informed on a regular basis about road hazards, traffic congestion or recommended detours. Closing in one device with a GPS receiver and a permanent connection to the Internet using LTE technology - allows you to use such a phone as an online real-time tracker.

Services such as spysat. As soon as server receive location of the phone - it present it's position in real time on the maps on the Graphical Interface of the website. Of course you have to pay attenction to malware, links and possible viruses in the e-mail attachment - but this is the standards in the mobile INTERNET. In the Login field you have to enter your login used to log on to the spysat. How can I verify that my employee terrain visited locations, according to the superior command?

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How to create account on spysat site? Does using SpySat have I access to the historical location data? Can I use spysat to protect my child and know their location? Does your solution suitable for monitoring fleet transport company?

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Here is the video tutorial about phone tracking setup in Generally a good phone but after switching from Huawei Mate 10 pro - big disappointment - a fingerprint reader on the screen without comparison to the back which was in 10 pro - it catches when it wants and usually you need to hold it times. It's terribly frustrating.

Also there is no good water resistance and the battery is significatly weaker although the front camera is definitely better. My opinion in general - if someone changes from Samsung or iPhone then they will be definitely satisfied but if from the previous flagship it is weak. In addition to an extremely fast processor and optimized software - this Huawei flagship model has an amazing photo aperture, or rather I should say - a whole set of cameras.

Featuring a revolutionary Leica Triple Camera and an immersive 6. The P30 shoots beautiful urban and landscape photos, breathtaking handheld portraits and night shots, all with the Leica triple camera, complete with an ultra wide lens and Huawei AI Image stabilisation. Take super HDR selfies to capture every moment and detail with your friends and family. Click here for full Terms and Conditions.

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