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Instagram Rolling Out 'Your Activity' Feature That Lets You Track How Much Time You Spend on It

I went with the latter approach. Even after you do this, some apps require Google Play Services to run. This means doing without some excellent third-party apps like Pushbullet. As it turned out, my solution was to exclusively use software I could find in F-Droid. Well, take a moment to go to the Google Play services Play Store page and view the list of required permissions. You may not have done this before, since the background service comes pre-installed on most devices and generally only draws attention to itself when it crashes.

This is no shameful secret or anything. You can visit the Google Developers site to see how Google Play services are intended to integrate with Android and Android apps. Most of those permissions are likely in place to enable this integration. You still have the option to sign into Google sites in your mobile browser the same way you would from a PC. We have surrendered a great deal of personal information to smartphone makers, but this is hardly a story unique to Android, or even iOS for that matter.

There are many ways to cope with this new reality, but as we see at the beginning of every EULA agreement, you either accept this or you opt out. The company has done some good. Even without the Play Store, Android as a whole is predominantly a Google project. But Android devices and Chromebooks too are based on Linux, which gives an open source guy like myself the freedom to make these sort of adjustments. Going Google-free gives privacy-minded users the option to take a bit more control over their devices. Doing this also gives us all the capability to opt out without having to throw away our phones.

No Google? For me, no problem. Try out these Linux mobile solutions for smartphones and tablets. Read More worth considering. Your email address will not be published. So you were once with Google and think you can leave. Pigs might fly. Data exchange between companies is massive business.

Do you think that Google is going to scrub everything they already know about you if you say you want to leave. No way. They have many ways to keep it up to date. The fact is many apps we believe aren't Google actually are anyway.

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Sorry you are not going anywhere. I agree with a couple of remarks here. Nothing was provided on how to completely get rid of Google on my android. I stopped using Windows in and went "full Linux".

Some after I started questioning my phone as well. I won't use any other brand phone, no matter how nice the specs, no matter how cheap the price, and I'm now on the OnePlus I've already rooted it and have installed Resurrection ReMix on it. Besides when you're stuck at a desk with multiple windows open? I guess its just a matter of what you're willing to give up? Because I still have a GMail email address. I just don't access it through my phone by through my laptop, and Thunderbird As for the phone? I really don't give a hoot about the way people go on and on about the "triple" exposure, 50MP camera, and night settings etc.

I'm not a photographer so none of that matters, but what DOES matter? Is being able to dial a number, and to connect to the person on the other end. And this is the real problem with these manufacturers nowadays, they'll just keep cranking out stuff, regardless of whether or not it is beneficial or if it's causing harm to the planet.

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I'm of the mind we should keep our tech for as long as we possibly can, but the way these OEM's would have you think? Like w Exactly when is enough My main reason for avoiding google of just some of their services is that they slow older devices a lot due to their resource consuming background processes. I tried to find a rooting solution but wasn't always successful. I did find that disabling some of google's services and bloatwares did work in breathing life to older devices hence I was able to prove my theory that software slows them down often than hardware issues.

The downside though is that as mentioned here google play services are required to run some apps including google chrome and google hangouts. While lots of alternatives can be used to replace those, it can be annoying that common apps cannot run on your device because google play services are disabled. It turns out that you can find "MicroG" which basically spoofs google play services and can make your device work in a go.

Another option is keeping Google play services but disabling "Find my device" under device manager. I find that that works too in keeping my kitkat device snappy i. Thanks for the article Would love to get an class action attorney's take on this: I deliberately bought an unlocked phone OnePlus 3 and have now decided to sell it. I went thru factory reset and after rebooting, got a newly discovered "FRP lock" requesting user and login info tied to my phone number without a SIM card.

Never aware or ran across this before. Since the email address used, when I initially started using the phone, was rarely used, I forgot the password. Fortunately, I had not deleted the account and was able to recover-but what if I had deleted the account? Google offers no alternative phone support, and they dump the call after telling you to send them an email or check out the FYI section.

If you are not able to remotely confirm the ID electronically only and thru an existing account then the phone turns into a brick, and a total loss for legally owning consumers by what should be a non existant third party. Of course, I do not care for their pandering to the Chinese government, Dragonfly etc. Cancelling YoutubeTV tonight, as well I fully agreed and accept ur points of view.. I m also one of them who using android without google.. You can also expect much worse battery life because of the lack of Google play services, which provides, out of the top of my head, two crucial features in a very energy efficient way: - geolocation and geofencing with limited use of dedicated hardware i.

GPS - high priority notification delivery when phone is dozing. Without Google play services, you'll probably have to choose between delayed notifications or whitelisting your app from battery savings while your phone is idle.

Add several apps to this whitelist and you're looking at a steep battery curve. Actually it's the other way around. After custom rom my battery life doubled in many devices. Not only because of google apps doing something all the time on the background, it was also the manufacturer's apps coming with the phone. I've been doing exactly what you have described for about five years.

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Now using LineageOS. Am having a problem just recently though where some services require 2FA using the Google Authenticator App, which seems to require Google Play Services on the phone to use. You talked, and talked, but I can't find the steps on how to remove this f I want to remove, all apps from google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, youtube, Microsoft, etc I use my phone for taking pictures, answering or calling friends, and for texting.

Is there a phone on the market that does that only? Is there a store that people can go and pay to have all that crap removed from their phones? You told us the problem but did not suggest a real clue to get them removed, or a place to bring your phone where they can be removed.

I bought a Samsung Note 8, and in the store the salesman set up the phone. After leaving the store I went through the Note 8's settings and saw that some of Googles Apps would not allow me to turn off their access to my private information. I began to remove everything that was google related but could not remove a few apps. The phone would not go past the Agreements without accepting them.

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It could not be used. I'm not against the employees or lower management of the company and many of the products are great, but it has been fundamental to survival and freedom of choice to protect against exploitation of vulnerabilities. Gathering and assembling seemingly innocent data over a long period of time is exactly gathering and collecting vulnerabilities. Google forces everyone using an android to agree that Google can legally collect, store, and aggregate their data and sell or exploit it. It might appear to be harmless to the naive, but the naive does not understand how it is used.